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Water quality is a concern for many homeowners. Pollutants that enter the water supply and chemicals used to clean the water and kill diseases can be toxic. These chemicals are then absorbed by the body when you drink the water or take a shower. Endurance Plumbing offers water treatment services in Framingham to help improve the quality of your water.

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The Benefits of Water Filtration

Depending on what is in your water, it may have a slightly unpleasant taste, dry out your hair and skin, or make you itchy or sick. Installing a water treatment system can help filter out impurities in your water, leaving it cleaner and healthier for you and your family. Our Framingham water treatment services offer several important advantages for our customers.

The benefits of water filtration include:

  • Cleaner, better tasting water
  • Healthier hair and skin
  • Whiter, brighter laundry
  • Longer lasting plumbing fixtures

In addition, a whole house water filtration system eliminates the need for purchasing bottled water for drinking and cooking. Water sold in plastic bottles is terrible for the environment and can quickly get expensive. You will save money and help the planet when you no longer need to buy water in plastic bottles and can drink the water right from your tap.

Choosing the Right System

Once you have made the decision to install a filtration system, you will need to decide what kind of filtration system to choose. There are filters that are designed to be installed on one sink or shower. These systems will only filter the water in that plumbing fixture. If you want filtered water just in the kitchen for drinking and cooking, this may be the right choice for your home.

If your goal is to improve the water throughout the house, a whole house filtration system is the best option. These systems are installed at the point of entry to filter the water as it enters your home. Every sink, shower, bathtub, and appliance will have clean, filtered water. The other thing to consider is what is contaminating your water. Are you concerned about chlorine and other chemicals, hardness, or bacteria in the water? We can help you consider the options and provide water treatment services in Framingham that are customized to your needs.

Water Treatment System Installation

The quality of the installation is as important as the filtration system you select for your home. Professional installation ensures that the job is done right and avoids potential water damage. Our plumbers are skilled at installing a wide variety of different water treatment systems to ensure optimal performance.

Our installations are always performed to the highest industry standards, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Your new equipment will be covered by warranty, and we guarantee our installations. If you have a problem with your system twice in the same year, we will replace it for you.

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