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The water heater is one of the most important and relied upon appliances in many homes. At Endurance Plumbing, we offer comprehensive services for water heaters in Framingham, including water heater installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. You can count on our locally owned plumbing company to make sure you always have a reliable supply of hot water.

If you need your water heater repaired or a new unit installed, call (508) 466-6691to schedule service.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repairs

Knowing the warning signs that your water heater is on the fritz is important. Catching a problem early can help protect your system from costly repairs and keep it running longer. Some of the most common signs to look out for include:

  • Fluctuations in hot water temperature
  • Rust-colored hot water
  • Strange noises coming from the tank
  • Leaking water around the tank
  • Strange-smelling hot water
  • Hot water runs out increasingly quickly
  • Low hot water pressure

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

A new water heater is a big investment that will provide hot water for your family for years into the future. It is important to research the options that are available to select the right water heater for your home. The main options are standard water heaters that have a storage tank and high efficiency tankless water heaters. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, so you should take the time to learn about the options that are available.

The benefits of tankless water heaters include:

  • A compact size that takes up less space
  • A steady supply of hot water
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Lower energy costs
  • A lifespan that is twice that of a tank water heater, with regular maintenance

The biggest disadvantage of tankless water heaters is an advantage for choosing a tank model: the price. Tank water heaters are significantly less expensive than tankless models. In addition, they are easier to install without making any changes to the electrical system. Tank water heaters range in size from 20 to 80 gallons, which refers to the amount of hot water the unit can hold. Choose a larger storage tank, if your family uses a lot of hot water to make sure you have enough to meet your needs.

Oil, Gas & Electric Water Heaters

In addition to standard and tankless models, homeowners also have the choice between how the water is actually heated. In water heaters with tanks, the element, in electric models, or the burner, in models heated by gas or oil, will bring the water up to the desired temperature and store it in the tank until someone turns on the taps inside your home. The element or burner will repeat the heating process once the water temperature has dropped.

Oil, gas, and electric water heaters all have advantages and disadvantages for homeowners. Electric models are generally the least expensive to install, are cleaner, and are usually easier to maintain. Electric water heaters, however, can be less efficient then their oil and gas-powered counterparts, meaning they may be more expensive to run.

Gas-fired units allow for faster heating time and have a lower everyday operating cost over electric models. They are also generally less expensive to install and can have a longer lifespan with regular maintenance. Oil-fired water heaters provide fast, reliable hot water and are very energy efficient, but have the highest operating and maintenance costs. Gas and oil-fires models may also experience some energy loss due to the need to safely vent exhaust.

After listening to your needs and inspecting your property, our water heater experts can help you decide on what type of water heater will be best for your unique circumstances.

Expert Installation & Replacements

If your water heater has reached or exceeded its expected life, is not providing enough hot water for your home, needs frequent repairs, is leaking from the bottom of the tank, or has stopped working completely, it may be time for replacement. We can inspect your unit to determine if replacement is needed and help you choose a new unit for your home.

Our experienced plumbers provide installation of tank and tankless water heaters in Framingham. We will make sure that your new water heater is installed according to the manufacturer’s exact specifications for reliable performance. Our products and services are covered with the best guarantees and warranties, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Repairing & Preventing Water Heater Problems

Is your water heater not working right or at all? We offer repair service for water heaters, including tank and tankless models from all major brands. Our plumbers can inspect your water heater to assess the problem and replace the damaged component, such as a heating element or valve, to get your hot water running again fast.

Often, repairs can be avoided and efficiency improved with regular water heater maintenance. During maintenance visits, we will carefully inspect your water heater and all mechanical components to make sure everything is working right. When we discover a minor problem, we can often fix it on the spot, so you won’t have to worry about bigger problems or total failure in the future.

Please call (508) 466-6691 for expert water heater installation, repair, or maintenance.

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