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Boilers heat homes using steam heated by oil or natural gas that is distributed via radiators or baseboard heaters. A professionally installed boiler will last longer than other heating systems, providing an enduring and reliable source of heat. At Endurance Plumbing, we offer installation, repair, and maintenance of boilers in Framingham and the surrounding areas.

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Boiler Installation & Replacement

Boilers are forced hot air, or hydronic, heating systems. Boiler technology has advanced in recent years and new boilers are significantly more energy efficient, so replacing your boiler offers comfort and home energy saving benefits. Our technicians are skilled at boiler installation, and Endurance Plumbing offers excellent warranties for new equipment. We always stand behind the quality of our work. If your new system fails twice in the same year, we will replace it.

Boilers offer benefits that include:

  • Evenly distributed heat
  • No duct system is needed
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Equipment life of 20 years or more

When purchasing a new boiler, an evaluation from an experienced professional will help you find the ideal boiler for your home. We have extensive product knowledge to help our customers find boilers that will produce even, comfortable heat this winter and many winters in the future. We will evaluate your heating needs and perform the necessary heat load calculations to ensure accurate sizing.

Oil Boiler Replacements

While your older oil-fired boiler may feel like it is heating your home just fine, boilers that are 10 years or older may be operating at a much lower efficiency, meaning they are ultimately costing you more than newer, highly efficient models. Replacing your old oil-fired boiler can save you, on average, 20% - 40% on your oil bills.

Our team can also help you convert your oil-fired boiler to an efficient gas-fired model, including updating your home’s gas lines, chimney lining, and retrofitting existing pipes. This task should only be completed by professionals who take all safety precautions. Our team at Endurance Plumbing can also walk you through your boiler options, including the cost and energy saving of upgrading or converting your oil-fired boiler. There may be tax incentives that can offset the cost of an upgrade.

Repairs for All Brands & Models

When your boiler is struggling to keep your home warm, not operating at peak efficiency, or making strange noises, it may need repair. If you hear rumbling or gurgling noises, your house is not reaching the temperature set on the thermostat when the heat is turned on, or isn’t heating the house at all, it is time to call a professional for boiler repair.

We have more than 30 years of industry experience and extensive knowledge in all aspects of boiler repair. Our technicians have the training and experience needed to diagnose and repair boilers from all major brands and models. We will inspect your boiler and recommend the best repair options to restore your heat and ensure your safety. Weekend appointments for boiler repair are available for emergencies only.

Professional Boiler Inspections & Maintenance

There are many important reasons to schedule professional boiler maintenance. Regular inspections and boiler maintenance are essential for your family’s safety and comfort. A poorly maintained boiler can be a health hazard, if carbon monoxide enters your home, and failing boilers have been known to explode with extreme lack of maintenance.

When your boiler is well-maintained, you will enjoy:

  • Safe and reliable heat
  • Lower energy costs
  • Better energy efficiency
  • A longer boiler lifespan

Your boiler warranty is another reason to schedule regular professional maintenance. Many manufacturers stipulate regular maintenance to keep the warranty valid. Without regular maintenance, you may find that claims for repairs and replacements are denied, due to lack of maintenance. We offer professional maintenance for all major brands of boilers in Framingham.

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