Woman looking at leaking pipe

When to Call an Emergency Plumber

What Counts as an Emergency?

Plumbing is an essential part of every household and a plumbing problem, big or small, should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further issues that could be irreversible, costly, or extremely damaging.

One of the hard truths about plumbing problems is that they don’t arise when it’s convenient. That’s why emergency plumbing services exist! While we encourage our customers to take care of their plumbing in a timely fashion, there are some instances that can’t wait until business hours are back in session.

Keep in mind that though emergency services tend to come with a higher bill, repair costs from delayed maintenance will quickly add up as well.

Let’s go through a few instances that we’re happy taking care of when we receive that middle-of-the-night call.

    Toilet Overflow

    Another instance that may cause flooding is an overflowing toilet. The cause could be something small like a clog, or it could be a larger system issue.

    Either way, the water flowing could be contaminated and threaten your health. Remove yourself from the situation and give your emergency plumber a call.

    While waiting for us, shut off the water supply valve to your toilet and keep your family from using it.

    Sewage Backup

    If contaminated water from one toilet overflow is bad, a sewage backup is terrible. Aside from horrible smells, fumes coming up through your drains could be hazardous. Often caused by warm temperatures, tree root growth, and clogs, here are some signs that a sewer emergency is coming:

    • Foul odors from drains
    • Slow draining sinks and tubs
    • Gurgling drains
    • Slow toilet flushing

    If you notice these in your home, give us a call to take care of it! Sewer problems are serious and could harm your home and family.

    No Running Water

    One of the worst feelings is the sinking in your stomach when you turn the faucet on and nothing comes out. Running water is such a large part of our routines and when it’s not working, we would definitely call that an emergency!

    Once you’ve noticed the lack of water, check another tap in your home. If multiple taps aren’t working, bring in an emergency plumber. Also check your main water valve as the emergency shut-off valve could have been accidentally triggered.

    A lack of running water could be caused by a tap connection that has become clogged with sediment. It may also have become corroded, causing malfunction. Other reasons you could have no water are corroded or clogged pipes, or old, outdated pipes and water lines.

    Let The Professionals Handle It

    Whatever you do, do not try to fix a plumbing emergency on your own, beyond what we recommend you do while waiting for our services. If a non-trained professional were to make the situation worse, it could complicate the insurance claim process.

    When an emergency strikes at an inconvenient time, give Endurance Plumbing, Inc. a call! Our plumbers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to take care of your urgent plumbing issues efficiently. Call us at (508) 466-6691 to request your emergency service.