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Plumbing Tips for Laundry Day

The laundry room is likely the room in your home that sees the most amount of water per week. With each load, your washing machine uses about 40 gallons of water to swish and clean your family’s clothes. And as any parent knows, one load a week is simply not realistic.

For a room that uses that much water, you want to make sure that the plumbing supplying that water is in tip-top shape for getting all the stains and smells out. The following tips are sure to help your plumbing and maybe even make laundry day a little bit more bearable!

  • Schedule an Inspection: Laundry rooms are often overlooked in terms of routine plumbing care and maintenance. Be sure you don’t make this mistake, though, as you could be overlooking an issue that could turn into a bigger plumbing disaster down the line.
  • Pipes: Older home plumbing systems were often built with outdated pipe materials that have since been discovered to corrode, rust, and weaken over time, bringing you closer to a burst or leak with each load. Additionally, exposed pipes may not be secured properly and therefore will rattle and shake as your washer kicks into gear, weakening or breaking them. An inspection will allow your plumber to take care of these problems for you. Whether you need a full re-piping, some securing, or simply a few repairs.
  • Hoses: You may have also noticed the hoses that run from the back of your washer. These are your supply lines and are among the leading causes of water damage in homes. They are typically made of rubber or a stainless steel mesh, and the latter is definitely the plumber's preferred material. They are less likely to bulge and crack over time compared to their rubber counterparts. Keep an eye on your hoses and check for bulges and cracks. If you notice they’re beginning to wear, it’s time to replace them! If you’re not sure what to look for, don’t worry, your plumber will be able to help you diagnose any hose problems during an inspection.
  • Drains: Keeping your drains clear throughout the home is an important part of maintaining a well-running plumbing system and it doesn’t stop in the laundry room. Locate the drain and try to flush it about once a month to keep things moving. You can flush it by simply pouring warm water slowly into the opening and allowing it to work away at all the lint and grime. This should also help keep your laundry room from developing a sewer-like smell. Looking to avoid having to flush the drains often? Purchase and install a drain filter. Then all you need to do is empty it and rinse it out as it fills up.
  • Upgrade Your Machine: Remember those 40 gallons of water per load we mentioned? That is a lot of water which adds up to a big water bill. If you’re looking to conserve water and lower your monthly bill, consider upgrading to a water-conserving washer model. These high-efficiency machines will get your clothes just as clean in less time with less water. While the cost upfront might make you hesitate, the long-term savings on the nearly 300 loads of laundry the average person does in a year will definitely be worth it!

Laundry Room Plumbing Services

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